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Saeco universal pressurized filter holder arm for Poemia coffee machine

Saeco universal pressurized filter holder arm for Poemia coffee machine

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New original Saeco spare part
Shipping via express courier or hand pick-up in Palermo
Support arm for cream filter holder + measuring cup for espresso coffee machine
0P226551650 PAVONI
996530004881 PHILIPS
996530029824 PHILIPS
11008490 SAECO
226551650 SAECO

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Universal for all arm models (excluding Nina models)


Saeco COM004CL 721439311
Saeco COM004CL 721445311
Saeco COM004CL 721429303
Saeco COM004CL 721439308
Saeco COM006L 721525311
Saeco SIN007 716633308
Saeco SIN007 716630306
Saeco SIN007 716630311
Saeco SIN007 716607111
Saeco SIN007 716630319
Saeco SIN007 716615336
Saeco SIN013AL 711444344
Saeco SIN013AL 711423332
Saeco SIN013AL 711446311
Saeco SIN013AL 711446711
Saeco SIN013AL 711440332
Saeco SIN013AL 711433303
Saeco SIN013AX 711412008
Saeco SIN013CL 711469308
Saeco SIN013CL 711439308
Saeco SIN013CL 711439311
Saeco SIN013CL 711429303
Saeco SIN015X 711709303
Saeco SIN015X 711719332
Saeco SIN015X 711709350
Saeco SIN015X 711709308
Saeco SIN015X 711710309
Saeco SIN015X 711709309
Saeco SIN015X 711711309
Saeco SIN015X 711709344
Saeco SIN017 711509309
Saeco SIN017 711514309
Saeco SIN017F 711516309
Saeco SIN017L 711525331
Saeco SIN017L 711525309
Saeco SIN017L 711524303
Saeco SIN017L 711535308
Saeco SIN017L 711525349
Saeco SIN017L 711525319
Saeco SIN017L 711524330
Saeco SIN017L 711543311
Saeco SIN017L 711540311
Saeco SIN017L 711525330
Saeco SIN017L 711525308
Saeco SIN017LN 711543308
Saeco SIN017TL 711542308
Saeco SIN017TL 711534338
Saeco SIN017TL 711534308
Saeco SIN017XNI 10001205
Saeco SIN017XNI 10001436
Saeco SIN024X 10000070
Saeco SIN024X 710501309
Saeco SIN024X 810501309
Saeco SIN024XN 10002403
Saeco SIN024XN 10002768
Saeco 41000742 41000742
Saeco 41000822 41000822
AROMA / 015
RE9345 / 00
RE9345 / 97

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